About Us

Rocco schipano was born in toronto, ontario. his parents raised him through eight canadian winters before they felt their native home calling them. and so, after much thought, Rocco and his family picked up their lives and moved back to italy. they moved back home. Rocco’s italian upbringing was challenging but fulfilling. during summer breaks, to help out his family, he worked in construction, where the seeds were planted for along and illustrious design career. every day after school and work, Rocco would return home exhausted. but he would be revived by the warm scent of baking bread, roasted tomatoes, and freshly made pasta.

Everyone in his town farmed and gardened, and Rocco’s family was no different. they were surrounded by nature; Rocco learned how to cultivate tasty ingredients, and gained a deep appreciation for high-quality food. each day, without fail, Rocco would drop his things and rush into the kitchen to help his family cook, knowing that fresh,

Delicious food brings joy to a family like few other things.

Eventually it came time to leave the nest, and Rocco joined the military. after completing his service, he faced a wide-open world, full of opportunity. he decided to move back to canada, to connect with the place that he called home so long ago. he began attending school at george brown college, working towards his degree in architectural technology, nurturing and developing the design skills and passions he had picked up working in construction.

After graduating in 2006, Rocco went into business for himself, as a freelance designer, project manager, and estimator. he loved the freedom and flexibility, but it meant that he was on the road constantly. and one of the hardest parts, he found, was figuring out what to eat. he found himself eating cheap, low-quality fast food simply because it was

Quick and easy — and there were no better options.

As he satin his car, eating a dry burger and greasy french fries, he knew that something wasn’t right. he thought back to the days of his youth, when he and his family would sit down to fresh, delicious, healthy food. and he was struck with an idea.

Visions of a tasty, healthy, and quick pasta pit-stop danced through his head. he didn’t want to open an italian restaurant, where people had to spend an hour, deal with all the extra costs of a sit-down meal, and still leave disappointed. he wanted fast, healthy pasta that people could enjoy on the go. people who were busy and productive, but didn’t want to have to choose between eating healthy and saving time. people like himself.

In that moment, Eatalian® was born. soon, he had a pasta takeout shop up and running, where people could grab 180 different delicious pasta combinations, all on the 60, without breaking the bank.

Yet with usual host of problems that plague new businesses, Eatalian® struggled to get off the ground. but Rocco has spent the last few years building on a new concept: the mobile egg kiosk, ‘your Eatalian® kitchen on the road.

With the new egg kiosk design, Eatalian® is poised to make a new wave in the world of fast-casual eating. by serving up food the way his family used to make it, Eatalian® is making it so that you don’t have to compromise when it comes to fast-food. with Eatalian®, you can enjoy authentic, fresh & delicious food made on the spot. food that feels

Good. food that tastes like home.